Before your hot Valentine’s date

Groomed? Smell good? Have a nice outfit? Ready to kiss all over town? Good for you. Love is grand. Since you’re already up to speed on dating decorum and swear not to Instragram your dinner, consider grabbing a few of these goodies before walking out the door.

Such a tiny package brings such salvation. The one time you don’t have floss is the one time that piece of spinach will bind itself in between your teeth.


Have cash to pay for parking, cabs that don’t take cards and those hipster restaurants that only take paper.



Don’t let slushy streets and sidewalks mess with your mojo.These handy wipes get rid of salty and muck in a flash.



Bring your phone not so you can text on it all night or Instagram your dinner, duh (please dear God and Cupid don’t take a photo of your dinner) but so you can smartly map where you’re meeting and get there nice and early.