Post-Modern Manners, on CBC Q

I had a great time as a guest on CBC Q – you can find the “listen” icon below the image on the landing page, here.

Post-Modern Manners: What’s rude in the age of oversharing?

Conflicted about taking that selfie? Perhaps you’re right to overthink it. Small dilemmas illuminate bigger shifts in culture and society — and norms forming around these micro decisions will define acceptable behaviour in the 21st century.
So, let’s talk about post-modern manners. Joining guest host Daniel Richler to discuss etiquette in the digital age we have:
  • Jen Agg, owner of the popular Toronto restaurants The Black Hoof and Rhum Corner.
  • Karen Cleveland, etiquette advisor at
Click here or on the listen button above to hear the full segment (audio runs 0:13:15) and tell us: how would you handle the situations we described on air?

(Originally appeared on CBC Q, Feb 2, 2015)


Disclaimer: I am not pregnant (thank my stars. Repeat: thank my lucky stars). But I am loving Marta’s stuff, so I’ve crafted this based on the insights of friends who are avec bébé, or are now mamas. Some of it may be common sense, which as we all know, is not common at all…

First up: if you think someone is pregnant, don’t congratulate them, or ask them when they are due. Only proceed if you KNOW they are pregnant. How embarrassing (for everyone) if they aren’t expecting.

Do you like strangers or distant acquaintances touching you? Specifically, your belly? Me neither. And this inclination doesn’t change when you get knocked up. Baby bumps are cool, fascinating things, but don’t go racing in to feel junior kick unless it is ok with the person hosting said bump.

And natch, open doors, give up your seat, offer your place in line for the ladies room – they are carrying precious cargo, don’t you know?

Think of it as bestowing good decorum before the pricks of the world have a chance to jade them into ill-mannered heathens.

(First published on She Does The City, August 2009)